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Quality Time with Mom

May 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

If you're looking for a great present for your mom this holiday, consider a mother-daughter day at the spa. There are plenty of fun and affordable spa treatments. Check out this list of ideas for a day of pampering:

Get some face time

A facial is the perfect treat for a mother and daughter. You can bond with your mom while your skin is rejuvenated. A facial includes a cleansing wash, a face scrub to exfoliate your skin, and a nourishing mask to hydrate your face.

Nourish your nails

Mother's Day is the unofficial start to summer, so it's the perfect time for a manicure and pedicure. Rather than opt for a quick coat of color, splurge for a better quality package that includes a hand and foot massage or a paraffin wax treatment. You and your mom can sit back and relax while your nails are prepped for fun in the sun.

Massage away stress

Whether your mom is chauffeuring kids to practice or dealing with a crazy boss from 9 to 5, she has a stressful life. A massage is an ideal gift to help your mom relax and focus on herself for a change. We suggest a Swedish massage. The soothing techniques used during this massage will lull you and your mom into a state of pure bliss.

Mother's Day is a time to bond with your one of a kind mom. Be sure to ask about a mother-daughter option. If it's your first time to the spa, feel free to call us at and ask questions, before booking your appointment.