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Necessary Getaway for Mom

April 18th, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

Flowers and a card are wonderful ideas for Mother's Day, but doesn't your mom deserve more? Juggling household duties, caring for her family and holding down a part-time or full-time job can leave marks in the form of facial lines, washed out complexion, ragged nails or rough neglected feet. Why not treat your mother to the pleasure of your company and a shared spa getaway? Whether your budget is strictly limited or money is no object, we have packages available that allow you to bond with your Mom while she receives the pampering that she surely deserves.

If your budget is limited or both you and your Mom have tight schedules, packing up and going away for a week or ten days might not be realistic. But an afternoon retreat can make a real difference in your Mom's state of mind, as well as give her looks a boost. Best of all, you can plan the mini getaway as a surprise.

Begin your joint pampering session with a soothing wrap or an invigorating salt glow to draw impurities from arms, legs and torso. A professional head to toe massage can ease away tension for both you and your mother. A chair massage can ease neck and shoulder tensions without the need to disrobe.

Compare nail colors and enjoy refreshments in advance of joint mani-pedi treatments. You'll both emerge with hands and feet show-off-ready for showy rings or strappy heels. Or you and Mom can relax and dish while our esthetician gives you and your mom exfoliating treatments to cleanse away debris, dead skin and embedded blemishes.

Whether you and your mother spend a relaxing hour away or duck out of your routines for an afternoon, a shared spa  getaway is an ideal way to let your mother know how much she means to you. You'll have uninterrupted time to spend together and she'll have someone waiting on her for a change. Call us at to schedule an appointment today.


Highlight your Eyes this Spring

April 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

This season, beautiful skin is inspired by nature and romance. The soft, romantic looks that have been spotted all over the runways, feature a wonderful array of pastels and bold tones that highlight your eyes through subtle definition. Perfect for spring and summer, this look is fast and easy to create. Just follow the directions below.

  1. Start by lining the outer two-thirds of the eyes with a green eyeliner and use a smudger brush or cotton swab to soften the edges to keep lines subtle and  diffused.

  2. Continue with the green liner and define the crease from the outer corner inward, about one-third of the way, and softly blend again.

  3. Keep liner in place on a hot day by brushing vivid, rich green eye shadow over the liner, where ever you applied it.

  4. Illuminate the eye and brush a pearly light green on the inner corner of the lid and the bottom lash line. Blend out.

  5. Softly, brush a soft coral eye shadow from the inner corner, up to the brow and across, fading outward.

  6. Curl eye lashes and apply two coats of black mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

  7. For more intensity, line your eyes again and define the eye with brow shadow.

Finish off the look by dusting a rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks and sweeping on a red-orange lipstick.  These colors are beautiful on all skin tones, so there's no reason you shouldn't start the summer out right and spring forward in style.


Start off Spring with a Massage

March 19th, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

Spring marks a time of wonder and growth for everyone. With it comes the time of year when people end their pseudo-hibernation and look to get more active. Maybe you made a New Year's Resolution to take better care of yourself. Maybe you're looking at your yard and you decide that this is the year that you finally redecorate your landscaping. Before you take on too much, start by getting a massage to help loosen up those muscles. If not, you're probably going to need to get one after you start on that yard work or visit the gym.

Spring is when flowers bloom, the birds return to their songs, and there is a sense that all is alive and thriving. There is a lift in spirits as the warmer weather approaces and a massage will only help improve that feeling. It's a great way to boost to your mental health and well being. The temperatures start going up and the daylight lasts a few minutes more each day. It puts a spring in your step and can make you feel better about yourself. Getting a massage can help kick start your body to get you out of the winter funk that may still be lingering around.

Now, even though Valentine's Day is past, springtime is a great time to not only get yourself a massage, but to set up a couple's massage with your special someone. It makes for a great experience that couples will enjoy together.Many people get married in the spring, which means bachelorette parties. A great alternative to a traditional bachelorette party is a gathering at the spa.  Massages are a perfect relaxing prep to a busy wedding day of celebration. Spring is a great time for a massage. You will have your spring back in your step quicker than everyone else!


Don't Let Your Hands Betray Your Age

March 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

You maintain a trim figure, an up-to-date wardrobe, a flattering haircut and subtle, yet polished makeup. But if you neglect your hands and nails, one glance can betray your age -- or make you look older than you really are. Taking a few simple steps, however, can ensure that your hands look as good as possible.

Protecting Your Hands

Your hands work hard -- typing, washing dishes, carrying objects and performing manual chores. Exposing your skin to harsh elements, especially cold and ultraviolet rays, can accelerate the appearance of age spots and crepey skin than makes you look old.

Exfoliate your hands at least once per month along with exfoliating your face, back, elbows and feet to remove dry, dead skin. Our aesthetician can also treat age spots that can make you look older. However, if you notice suspicious changes in moles or other spots on your hands, see your dermatologist immediately.

Apply sunscreen to your hands along with the rest of your body when you're exposed to the sun. Wear gloves when you're out in the cold or performing tasks such as washing dishes. Moisturize your hands after you bathe or whenever they're exposed to water. For extra pampering, apply lotion or cream to your hands overnight while wearing gloves.

Reward Your Hands With Pampering

Regular manicures maintain your cuticles and give your nails a groomed look that can help your hands convey a younger vibe. Add a massage to increase blood flow to your hands and improve the elasticity of your skin. Even an occasional manicure can boost your confidence and help you feel pampered.

Healthy Hands From the Inside Out

Maintaining a balanced diet can also maintain youthful hands. A diet rich in vitamins A, C and E along with protein and Omega-3 fatty acids helps your hands maintain their youthful plumpness, helps prevent wrinkles and promote healthy nails. You can also take fish oil supplements or a multivitamin to supplement your diet. Vitamin enriched creams can also be applied topically to your hands.

Ease stress from typing and manual chores with a form of hand Yoga. Grip a pair of Chinese stress relief balls in one hand to promote circulation and provide gentle stretching. After a few minutes, switch hands.

Give Yourself a Hand

In the rush of everyday life, it's easy to overlook doing things that maintain young looking hands. But keeping your hands looking young requires minimal time. Moreover, the rewards of making hand care part of your regular routine are well worth the effort.

Often times, people get so caught up in their beauty regimen that they neglect to take care of their hands. We use are hands every day -- shaking hands, waiving and pointing. Some people even talk with their hands. Since your hands are constantly on display, should make sure you extend your beauty routine to include  your hands. Afterall, you don't want your hands to be the ones that give your age way!


Journey to Relaxation Through Music

February 18th, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

People tend to have their own ways of relaxing. Whether it’s a massage, taking a walk, or drinking a warm cup of tea, there are many ways to unwind. If music is your stress-busting method of choice, you’re in luck. A British band worked with sound therapists to develop the most relaxing song known to man. The eight-minute song uses guitar, piano and natural sounds to induce the listener into a relaxed state.

To test the song’s “relaxability”, a group of women completed stressful puzzles followed by listening to Marconi Union’s song “Weightless.” The study shows the song actually reduced their anxiety by 65 percent.

For most listeners, their heart rate slows to the beat of the music. This phenomenon, known as entrainment, helps the body release stress and evens out blood pressure levels. By the end of the song, listeners are in a euphoric state. The British Academy of Sound Therapy says the song is so effective at relaxing listeners that it shouldn’t be played while driving.

During the study, a list of the most relaxing songs was also compiled. Of course, “Weightless” topped the chart. Airstream’s “Electra” and “Chill Out Mix” by DJ Shah followed it. Coming in as the fourth most relaxing song was Enya’s “Watermark.” And rounding out the top five was Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing.”

You can induce the relaxed state that you feel after a massage by listening to these songs at home.