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Sandal-Ready Summer Feet

June 18th, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

During the summer, feet are on display. Women break out their strappy sandals and sundresses, and head our way for a mani-pedi. But we donít just add a layer of polish and send customers out the door -- we give feet the TLC they need. Before adding a candy-colored coat of polish, our nail technicians exfoliate and moisturize the skin. They magically make that calloused ring of dry skin that wraps around the heel disappear. Thatís a big deal, because calloused feet can be a summer downer. So, how do you keep your feet looking fresh and fabulous in between appointments? Here are a few tips to make sure feet look fabulous in flips flops and thronged sandals.

  • Moisturize and sleep.
    Our nail technicians rub a healthy amount of lotion into the feet. You should do the same. Break out a good moisturizer and apply it to your feet at night. Put a pair of socks on to trap the moisture in while you sleep. Itís best to choose a thick moisturizer, something you would use to heal cracked skin during the winter.

  • Buy a pumice stone.
    If you havenít already, invest in a pumice stone. Nail technicians are experts at removing dead skin, but you can keep the rough patches at bay by pumicing your feet in between salon visits. By rubbing the pitted rock over the calloused area, the layers of dead skin can be removed. Try doing it while in the shower, so the skin is soft and pliable. Take it easy though; rubbing too hard will cause more irritation.

  • Add a paraffin wax at your next visit.
    A paraffin wax coats the hands or feet in warm wax. As it hardens, the ingredients in the wax open the pores and when the wax is peeled away the dead cells go with it. Adding a paraffin wax at your next appointment can keep the dry skin away a bit longer.

There's no reason your feet shouldn't be on display this summer. Call us today at and we'll make sure you have flirty toesies to flaunt all summer long.


Glowing Summer Skin

June 3rd, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

There are few things as deliciously pleasing as soaking up the summerís rays on a hot afternoon. Keeping skin healthy and safe during the summer is not quite as simple, but achievable by following a few skin care rules of the road and planning ahead.


Hotter weather causes more perspiration, so replenish your bodyís supply of H2O regularly to keep skin hydrated and healthy. The Mayo Clinic staff indicates that water makes up about 60 percent of the average personís body, so an adequate daily water intake would be about 13 cups of non-caffeine liquids for men and about nine cups for women. These amounts can vary, depending on how much active you are and how hot it is outside. Additional tips include applying lotion while skin is still damp from the shower and spritzing water on your face to keep your skin moist.


The Skin Cancer Foundation states on their website that most sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or higher do a good job of protecting skin from the sunís damaging UVB rays. However, the key is to apply the sunscreen liberally and often, especially when spending more than a few minutes outdoors, such as while visiting a theme park, gardening or parked poolside for the day. The Skin Cancer Foundation suggests putting a full ounce (ďabout a shot glass fullĒ) of the lotion on about 15 minutes before venturing outdoors and then re-applying the same amount every two hours.

Limit Sun Exposure

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) recommends limiting sun exposure as a preventative to skin cancer. While a little bit of sun exposure helps your body produce Vitamin-D, overexposure, particularly that resulting in sunburn, is dangerous. People with fair skin and freckling may be particularly prone to skin cancer and should avoid too much exposure. ASCO advocates limiting exposure during the hours of the day when the sun is most intense, which is 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. The rule of thumb is that if your shadow is shorter than you are, then it is time to seek shade.

Eat Red and Orange Foods

Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended eating red and orange foods in a June 2012 article, because these foods contain the antioxidants lycopene and beta-carotene. He shared, ďThese tasty vegetables offer natural protection from the sun, and may help repair cells after sun damage.Ē There are some additional foods that can up your protection from UV rays, but donít think that eating these foods negates the need for sunscreen. Youíll still need to protect skin in other ways.

  • Salmon - Wild salmon offers the antioxidant astaxanthin, which helps repair UV-ray damaged skin.
  • Tomatoes and Olive Oil - As you probably already know, tomatoes have phytochemicals. In a 2001 study, German researchers found that those who combined 40 gram of tomato paste with a couple of teaspoons of olive oil were less likely to get sunburned.
  • Green Tea - Among the many other health benefits of green tea, it is high in catechins, which protect skin from UV damage.


Dry skin can be a problem both in the winter and summer. Regular exfoliation is the key to clearing away dead skin cells so healthy skin can be revealed. There are many scrubs and products that can help you exfoliate at home while you are waiting for your next scheduled facial. A regular facial encourages skin to take on that healthy, fresh and hydrated glow.

Ongoing Skin Health

There is no reason to be scared of summer skin as long as precautions are taken and skin is kept hydrated and protected. The extra rays can help improve mood and productivity because of additional daylight hours. However, remember that sun damage can build throughout a lifetime of sun exposure, so try to avoid getting sunburned. Those who are on prescriptions that cause sun sensitivity should avoid the outdoors, especially during times when sunlight is intense. Do a regular skin self-exam, carefully monitoring moles and marks for any changes or growth. If your skin has a suspicious place, visit the doctor or dermatologist for further analysis.


Basic Brow Upkeep

May 16th, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

The day after you get your eyebrows waxed is bliss. You get up, look in the mirror and realize you don't have to pluck or maintain a thing. This fabulous maintenance-free feeling lasts for a few days but after that, it's back to tweezing. So, how do you keep that beautiful shape? Here are four tips for eyebrow upkeep:

  1. Pluck the strays.
    After you've gotten your eyebrows waxed, keep the shape by plucking any stray hairs that grow in over your eye. It's best not to tweeze too close to the arch because you don't want to alter the shape created at the salon.

  2. Watch the unibrow.
    Not only should you tweeze strays, you should maintain the area in between your eyebrows. After all, you don't want a unibrow happening. Many people use the pencil trick to make sure they are removing hair from the right spot. Grab a pencil and hold it up against one side of your nose and tweeze the hairs that are to the right of the pencil. Then switch sides and repeat the process.

  3. Cheat with a few products.
    If you have dark brows, use a little brow gel to keep them in check. If you have light brows, you can use a makeup pencil to give them a little kick. Go easy with it; you don't want it to look like a child drew them on.

  4. Keep routine waxing appointments.
    How frequently you swing by depends on the rate your hair grows, but most people should get their eyebrows waxed at least once a month. If your brows look scraggly, come in sooner. It's always best to have our professional shape the brows. You can maintain them, but don't attempt to shape them. It can spell disaster.

With these tips, there's no reason you should have unruly eyebrows. Beautiful, sculpted brows can be yours. Call us at to schedule your brow appointment today.


Quality Time with Mom

May 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

If you're looking for a great present for your mom this holiday, consider a mother-daughter day at the spa. There are plenty of fun and affordable spa treatments. Check out this list of ideas for a day of pampering:

Get some face time

A facial is the perfect treat for a mother and daughter. You can bond with your mom while your skin is rejuvenated. A facial includes a cleansing wash, a face scrub to exfoliate your skin, and a nourishing mask to hydrate your face.

Nourish your nails

Mother's Day is the unofficial start to summer, so it's the perfect time for a manicure and pedicure. Rather than opt for a quick coat of color, splurge for a better quality package that includes a hand and foot massage or a paraffin wax treatment. You and your mom can sit back and relax while your nails are prepped for fun in the sun.

Massage away stress

Whether your mom is chauffeuring kids to practice or dealing with a crazy boss from 9 to 5, she has a stressful life. A massage is an ideal gift to help your mom relax and focus on herself for a change. We suggest a Swedish massage. The soothing techniques used during this massage will lull you and your mom into a state of pure bliss.

Mother's Day is a time to bond with your one of a kind mom. Be sure to ask about a mother-daughter option. If it's your first time to the spa, feel free to call us at and ask questions, before booking your appointment.


Necessary Getaway for Mom

April 18th, 2014 • Posted by Email Marketing • Permalink

Flowers and a card are wonderful ideas for Mother's Day, but doesn't your mom deserve more? Juggling household duties, caring for her family and holding down a part-time or full-time job can leave marks in the form of facial lines, washed out complexion, ragged nails or rough neglected feet. Why not treat your mother to the pleasure of your company and a shared spa getaway? Whether your budget is strictly limited or money is no object, we have packages available that allow you to bond with your Mom while she receives the pampering that she surely deserves.

If your budget is limited or both you and your Mom have tight schedules, packing up and going away for a week or ten days might not be realistic. But an afternoon retreat can make a real difference in your Mom's state of mind, as well as give her looks a boost. Best of all, you can plan the mini getaway as a surprise.

Begin your joint pampering session with a soothing wrap or an invigorating salt glow to draw impurities from arms, legs and torso. A professional head to toe massage can ease away tension for both you and your mother. A chair massage can ease neck and shoulder tensions without the need to disrobe.

Compare nail colors and enjoy refreshments in advance of joint mani-pedi treatments. You'll both emerge with hands and feet show-off-ready for showy rings or strappy heels. Or you and Mom can relax and dish while our esthetician gives you and your mom exfoliating treatments to cleanse away debris, dead skin and embedded blemishes.

Whether you and your mother spend a relaxing hour away or duck out of your routines for an afternoon, a shared spa† getaway is an ideal way to let your mother know how much she means to you. You'll have uninterrupted time to spend together and she'll have someone waiting on her for a change. Call us at to schedule an appointment today.